Baby Room

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Handing over the care of your baby for the first time is a huge and difficult step for any parent / guardian.

Leaving your little one in somebody else’s care for the first time is not easy, but at Tender Years Creche we will do everything in our power to make it as easy and stress free as possible to settle your baby into their new routine.

We advise a settling in period over a period of days before your baby is due to start at creche, which will make the whole process of adapting to the new lifestyle a lot easier for both the parent and baby.

In the Baby Room, a bright and spacious environment will welcome your child so he/she can explore the world around them using a variety of toys and equipment. Our dedicated daycare staff will give your baby the individual care, interaction and attention they need at this early stage.

But while it may be hard on you, rest assured that your baby will quickly adapt to their new surroundings and learn to know and trust their dedicated carers.

We will help you to settle your baby into our care over a period of days. We will talk to you in great detail about all aspects of our care and we will try to accommodate any special requests you may have.
Baby Room Details:
  • A fun, clean, safe, spacious and colourful environment.
  • A high staff to baby ratio to ensure your baby gets all the care and special attention they require at this age.
  • Lots of interactive playtime.
  • Homemade and healthy pureed meals.
  • A daily report of your baby's routine with details of meals, naps and nappy changes.
  • A settling in period the week before starting creche so you and your baby can get used to their new surroundings, new faces and crucially their new carers.

We will try to accommodate any special requests you may have for your baby, so please get in touch to talk to us about your requirements.

Come & Visit Us at the Creche

We would be delighted to show you around the creche, preschool, playschool and the playareas for your child.