What is HighScope?
HighScope was first established in the United States in 1969. It is an approach to early learning which identifies and builds on children’s strengths, interests and abilities. The HighScope approach enables children to be actively involved throughout the whole play session.

Why does a HighScope Setting look like this?
In HighScope settings, the play room is divided into separate area s, defined for the children by low level storage units which house a range of accessible, interesting and where possible, real materials for the children to work with.

Why do we label areas and equipment?
In a HighScope setting each area is visible and named using signs, easily understood by the children, which show the types of activities on offer. All materials are also clearly labelled to allow children to choose, work and replace equipment themselves.
What is Choice Time?
Choice Time is a block of time when young children can investigate and explore toys and materials and interact with adults and other children. It allows young children a time to play and explore, uninterrupted.

What is Planning Time?
Planning Time is a time for each child to think about what they want to do during Work Time. At the same time each morning the children sit down with their group leader and make their plans ie. play in the Home Centre, build in the Block Area etc. Planning helps the children to become more involved in their own plan and it leads to an increase in their self-confidence.

What is Work Time?
Work Time is the time for children to carry out their plans, play and solve problems that arise in their play. During work time, group leaders and staff are guided by the children, their role is to interact with the children to support and encourage their development.

What is Recall Time?
During Recall Time, the children can remember, talk about and show what they have done at work time. Recall time helps them to reflect on their experiences and to talk with others about their discoveries and actions.
What is Small Group Time?
Small Group Time is a part of the day when the group leader plans an activity for the children. She makes these plans based on the children’s interests and stages of development. Ideas would include: painting, gluing, sound games, washing the dolls, play dough etc. Small group time allows the children to play together, ask questions and solve problems and work as a group.

What is Outside Time?
Outside Time happens every day (weather permitting), the children get the chance to use the large play equipment like the swings, slide, climbing frame as well as cars, bikes and buggies. Outside time allows the children to play in a more physical way, ie. running, climbing, jumping and playing football etc.

Meal Time in a HighScope 
In the crèche, the children have a snack mid-morning which consists of fruit – apples, oranges, bananas, pears etc. It provides a chance for the children and staff to sit down together. The children get involved in setting the table and serving their own snack. During this time, the children are encouraged to be as independent as possible for their stage of development.
What is the Daily Routine?
The HighScope Daily Routine provides a consistent but flexible structure for children and adults in the group. The routine is divided into difference segments, as follows:

  1. Pre-School Daily Routine

  2. Recall Time

  3. Arrival & Freeplay

  4. Small Group Time

  5. Snack Time

  6. Large Group Time

  7. Planning Time

  8. Outside Time

  9. Work Time

  10. Home Time

What are HighScope’s goals for young children? 

  • To learn through active involvement with people, materials, events and ideas.

  • To become independent, responsible and confident – ready for school and ready for life.

  • To learn to plan many of their own activities, carry them out and talked with others about what they have done and what they have learned.

  • To gain knowledge and skills in important academic, social and physical areas